I am Mel Owens. I was a first round draft pick for the L.A. Rams back in 1981 and I played for them for 10 years. As a former NFL football player I know what it’s like to sustain injuries, keep playing, and not think about the effects those injuries might have on me later.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the hits I took were going to have long term effect on my body, my life – -some of which I wouldn’t know about for years. The NFL didn’t tell me that. The Rams didn’t tell me that. And I didn’t know that I was eligible for worker’s comp.In fact, it has always been a policy of the NFL not to inform the players of their rights to workers’ compensation benefits, hoping players (like me) would never find out about their rights and if we did, we would be time barred by the Statute of Limitations.

That’s why I’m now an attorney who works daily to protect players’ rights to receive workers’ comp. In almost all cases, players suffer some type of work related injury or injuries and are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. My partners and I help players get the benefits you are entitled to.

I’m writing this blog because I am passionate about protecting players’ rights. I don’t think the NFL is taking care of players’ health nor doing their duty to take care of players after they retire. I want to educate players about the availability of workers’ comp, and expose the lies and hypocrisy of the NFL.

In this blog, I also plan to talk about issues that affect professional athletes, such as health, retirement and finances, and I might touch on issues that affect young athletes as well.

Football is America’s greatest (and favorite) sport. Let’s keep it that way and take care of our players along the way. We as professional football (or ex-football) players are a community, and a strong one!

Share my blog with other players, family, and friends so we can spread the word to as many people as possible. The only way we will be able to win the battle to protect players’ rights is if everyone gets involved! Follow me on Twitter as well for more informative news and updates on professional sports.

– Mel

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  1. My apologies if this is the second “comment” you’ve received from me, Mel. The previous effort was actually a “partially finished” proposition, which Windows seemed to send of its own accord. I was prompted to write after seeing your name in an LA Times article about the players’ suits vs. the league. Though we left LA more than nine years ago, Kathy and I still read the paper online. So happy to see that you are using that Michigan degree to such worthy purposes!

    As I had written/been writing, I have invoked your name many times through the past 20+ years as a consummate example of how to use cardiovascular fitness to succeed against less-fit, greater “mass.” I still remember well your running the LA Marathon with Garrett Giemont, and I remember, particularly, how you actually FINISHED it on a typically inhospitable (for running 26.2 miles on city streets, at least) LA day. I wish that there were athletes/trainers/coaches committed to such “changes in attitude.” Safer for everyone, I believe.

    Also noted (IF it came through to you) that I will be forwarding your website bio on to our buddy, Dr. Billy Taylor, who was Michigan’s MVP in ’71, but who, subsequently, “fell” way, way down from the lofty perch of Ann Arbor and All-American acclaim. He, too, is a sensational example of how to “go long” via education, and I know that he’ll be impressed by where your post-football life has gone!

    Good luck with the suits (so long overdue) and keep fighting the good fight!

    My best,
    Brian Patrick Clarke

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