Stop AB 1309

The Legislation – California AB 1309 (The Bill) and Legal Challenges

AB 1309 Talking Points PDF
This document provides talking points to use when you call your California State Senators. This document is intended for use by:
  • Current California residents
  • Players who were California residents while playing in the League
  • Players who played for a California team, then played for out-of-state teams
  • Players who played numerous games in California


California State Senators PDF
This documents contains the list of California Senators you should call to voice your opposition to AB 1309.


Talking Points When Speaking With Your U.S. Representative PDF
This document provides talking points for professional players to use when speaking with their U.S. Congress Representative and U.S. Senators. We anticipate the fight over workers’ compensation and medical costs will eventually reach the U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate.
In an effort to alert Congress to the players’ ongoing struggles to obtain medical benefits and the NFL’s motive to shift the cost of medical care to the U.S. government, we are requesting every player to contact their U.S. Congress Representative and U.S. Senators and tell them you no longer have a remedy for your work related injuries.
Click here to find your U.S. Congress Representative
Click here to find your U.S. Senators


If passed, there will be a Constitutional challenge to the NFL sponsored legislation now pending in California. The NFL sponsored Bill (AB 1309) seeks to end all workers’ compensation benefits for work related injuries that happen in California when NFL member franchises play in California. The NFL Bill treats athletes differently than other workers, thus violating their Equal Protection rights. The NFL Bill also retroactively eliminates all pending cases under existing law, thus violating their Due Process rights. The NFL Bill dampens Interstate Commerce by burdening out-of-state workers. The NFL Bill also applies a discriminatory tax system on out-of-state athletes by treating them differently than other workers.According to the NFL’s own study, the NFL Bill, if passed, could shift as much as $2,000,000,000 per year in medical costs to the U.S. Government, the U.S. Taxpayers and Private Group Health Providers, thus giving the NFL a “full-pardon” with immunity against future medical costs for injuries caused in their industry.
The NFL has sponsored legislation in California to eliminate workers’ compensation for professional athletes. The Bill as written seeks to discriminate against a small, select group of workers, single them out, punish them and then eliminate all their workers’ compensation benefits, thus denying them Equal Protection under the law. This law also seeks to treat a certain class of workers differently than other workers, which is in violation of Constitutional protected rights.The Bill is also egregious as it is retroactive and eliminates all existing workers’ compensation claims pending under existing law, thus denying the players their Due Process rights under the law. The Bill also impacts Interstate Commerce by placing workers at a disadvantage while working across state lines, and seeks to protect a select group of NFL owners.
The Bill Shifts Billions of Dollars to the U.S. Government, U.S. Taxpayers and Private Group Health Providers. If passed, the Bill will eliminate, forever, the NFL’s obligation to pay for work related injuries. However, the need for care will not be eliminated; that medical care will be shifted to the U.S. Government, U.S. Taxpayers and to Private Group Health Providers. These entities have no connection to NFL players’ injuries.
California Applies Discriminatory Taxing Methods For Out-of-State Athletes versus Other Out-of-State Workers. The State of California currently taxes only the professional athletes that work in California, and does not tax the other team employees that travel to California, such as the team owners, front office employees, team doctors and trainers.
The NFL Has Sued Hundreds of Former Players in Federal Court For Filing For Workers’ Compensation Benefits.
The NFL has waged an all-out assault on their former players by suing hundreds of them in State and Federal court, just because they filed for benefits. The NFL has harassed and intimidated the players’ families by threatening them with lawsuits for costs and damages if they do not “cease, desist, and withdraw” their California claim.

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