helmetsNBO Law was founded to help professional athletes secure the benefits that they’re entitled to. NBO Law is the leading law firm to advise and assist in workers’ compensation claims in California State Court. No matter which sport, NBO Law believes that all injured players are entitled to have their medical bills paid – and paid on time. Together, the team has over 50 years’ experience fighting on behalf of professional athletes’ seeking workers’ compensation.

Clear LogoThe career of a professional athlete is typically short, but the medical issues can last a lifetime. Many athletes suffer from the lingering effects of concussions and other sports-related injuries that can result in claims that need to be filed years after the player has left the field. Physical therapy, home health care, surgeries, and doctor visits can all quickly add up to a financial nightmare. At NBO Law we see the whole picture and can help you.

Our Team

Thomas J. Byrne graduated from Western State University College of Law. He has been practicing workers’ compensation law since 1995 and specializes in representing professional athletes seeking to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. He serves as Judge Pro-Tem at the Santa Ana Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Mel T. Owens is a graduate of University of California at San Francisco, Hastings School of Law. Prior to his partnership with Mr. Namanny and Mr. Byrne, he played professional football with the Los Angeles Rams. In addition to helping professional athletes with their workers’ compensation benefits, he conducts lectures and serves as a guest speaker on workers’ compensation, sports law, sports injuries and disability benefits.

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