John Moffitt: NFL is ‘dirty business’

by / Friday, 15 November 2013 / Published in Breaking News

Former Denver Broncos offensive guard John Moffitt blasted the NFL in a podcast.  Moffitt, 27, recounts when he suffered a knee injury in 2011 and needed to hire a lawyer for assistance.

“You’re not appropriately taken care of with major injuries,” Moffitt said. “And stuff like that because they don’t want to affect [their] profit margins or whatever else they do.

“I understand the basics and I know if I basically look at this system, there’s something really, really wrong about it.”

He also discusses his decision to retire, saying: “The thing that stuck with me was it’s not the big collisions to the head, it’s the consistent every play hits to the head that can really affect you,” Moffit said. “And that’s what an offensive lineman is, just a consistent hit every play.”

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