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DEA Surprises NFL with Prescription Drug Inspections

An article by UPI features a quote from Mel Owens regarding recent DEA prescription drug inspections at several NFL locker rooms.

United Press International (UPI)

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Just How Serious is the Federal Investigation into NFL Painkiller Abuse

Mel Owens discusses the correlation of a recent federal investigation on NFL painkiller abuse and an ongoing lawsuit.


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On The Air: Mel Owens

Mel Owens joins Rick Lewis on The Fox Morning Show to talk about drugs in the locker room.

The Fox Morning Show

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From the NFL to the Courtroom

OZY recently did an article on Mel and the NFL Prescription Drug Lawsuit.


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FOX Dallas-Fort Worth Quotes Mel Owens On NFL Lawsuit

The Dallas-Fort Worth Fox News Station has featured quotes from Mel Owens in their latest coverage of the lawsuit against the NFL.

FOX Dallas-Fort Worth

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Mel Owens Comments On NFL Lawsuit To L.A. Times

In an article by the L.A. Times, Mel Owens discusses the primary issues at hand in the NFL Prescription Drug Lawsuit.

The Los Angeles Times

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Mel Owens Discusses NFL Lawsuit With CBS Sports

Mel Owens recently sat down with Erin Sharoni to talk about the prescription drug lawsuit filed against the NFL. See what he has to say about it in the featured video.



Washington Post Offers Their Take On NFL Lawsuit

Washington Post includes commentary from Mel Owens in their analysis of the NFL Prescription Drug Lawsuit

Washington Post

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Bloomberg News Quotes Mel in NFL Lawsuit Piece

Bloomberg News is taking a look at the lawsuit filed against the NFL and includes quotes given by Mel over the phone


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NFL Lawsuit Alleges Prescription Drug Misuse

Eight former NFL players allege that the league fostered an environment of prescription drug misuse and provided players with said drugs and controlled substances.



NFL Wins Huge Victory, Comes With Big Costs

A recently passed piece of legislation, AB 1309, bars out of state players from filing workers compensation claims in California. Mel Owens is directly quoted in the article, commenting on the influx of workers comp claims filed just before the bill was passed.

Los Angeles Times

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Lawsuit Amendment Reported by Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun directly quotes Mel Owens and provides more information on the four new plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Toronto Sun

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NHL Lawsuit Gains Steam As More Players Join

Four additional former NHL players have publicly joined the class-action lawsuit filed against the NHL. The New York Times article directly quotes Mel Owens and provides more information on the four new additions to the lawsuit.

The New York Times

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Mel Owens named #28 in The Hockey News 100 People of Power & Influence List

Mel is extremely pleased to have been named #28 on The Hockey News 100 People of Power & Influence list. Click here to get your copy and read the write up, as well as see the full list of top movers and shakers in the hockey world.

Hockey News

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Toronto Neurosurgeon Says Priciest Part of Hockey is Paying Player’s Medical Bills

Mel is quoted in this recent article in the Toronto Sun: “You can’t change the game or it will look like a skate-around with a bunch of kids out there. If a player gets hurt and they’re taken off the ice, take care of them. Don’t bring them back too soon and hide things or sweep things under the rug, which is what they do now.” “(The league has) created an industry where you are going to get hurt and employing surgeons is the most expensive part,” he adds. “It is what you do after the injury is what is important … Players need time to heal so they aren’t rushed back too early on medications.”

Toronto Sun

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Mel Speaks with Dave Naylor on TSN Drive

On November 27th, Mel appeared on Dave Naylor’s TSN Drive podcast to speak about the class-action lawsuit against the NHL. Mel speaks to Dave about the NHL neglecting players after their playing days are over and they’re saddled with debilitating injuries resulting from their time in the league.

TSN Drive

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Mel Appears on The Agenda with Steve Paiken

On December 4th Mel Owens had a chat with Steve Paiken on his show, The Agenda with Steve Paiken. The program is prominently positioned current affairs show on Ontario’s public broadcaster, TVOntario. Mel spoke with Steve and a panel of experts about the complaint filed and the validity of it. To see the 45 minute interview see the link below.


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NHL Concussion Suit Grows to 200 Players

One of Mel’s many quotes from this article: “Some guys don’t want to be in it at the beginning,” said Owens. “Like in the NFL, one, there were players that came on later that were Hall of Famers but they didn’t want to take the initial leap. That’s OK. We’re not going for the superstars and saying `Oh, here’s (Eric) Lindros or Pat LaFontaine or someone who got knocked out early in his career’ because that’s not the point. “The point is helping the thousands of guys that have suffered these types of injuries. They are very valuable in their communities.”


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Mel Owens Gives First Interview On The NHL Concussion Lawsuit

Mel Owens joined Nick Kypreos, Daren Millard, and Doug MacLean on Hockey Central at Noon for After an interesting conversation regarding the merits of the lawsuit. Afterwards, the hosts took to discussing the issue among themselves.  Watch this interview to see what Mel had to say about the case and how the hosts feel about the complaint.

SB Nation

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LA Times Covers Class Action Lawsuit Against NHL

The LA Times outlines the allegations made by the lawsuit and also looks at the NHL’s response to the lawsuit. Mel Owens and NBO Law are credited as being one of the two firms supporting the former NHL athletes in their fight against the league.

The Los Angeles Times

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Mel Owens & NBO Law File Class Action Lawsuit Against NHL

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the NHL, claiming that they’ve failed to protect players from head trauma. Mel Owens & NBO Law are one of the two law firms involved in the case. The New York Times takes a look the details of the case and all parties involved.

The New York Times

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NFL Injury Risk Has Hall-of-Fame Dad Concerned For Rookie Son

Mel is quoted in this article that was originally published in the Washington Post. “If your son or daughter got sick from eating hamburger and had to go to the hospital, they would shut down the industry to find out what happened,” said California attorney Mel Owens, a former NFL player who represents hundreds of plaintiffs. “The 787s catch on fire? They ground them. Player dies, player commits suicide — business as usual. Here they’ve got this industry causing deaths and near-deaths and quality of life issues, but it’s business as usual. Where is the outrage?”

The Meadville Tribune

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Kickers, Punters File Brain Injury Claims Against NFL in California

Over the last six years, 64 former kickers and punters have filed claims for serious head or brain injuries against their former teams, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of California workers’ compensation data. In this article, Mel talks about the violence that kickers face in nearly every game.

LA Times

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Mel Owen’s Interview with Class Act Sports

Jared Ginsberg, CEO of Class Act Sports, interviews Mel Owens in 2011

Class Act Sports


Mel Owens talks with “The Batchelor Pad” show

If you missed Mel’s interview with L.A. Batchelor and Tee-Mac on the Award Winning radio show “The Batchelor Pad, listen to it here!

The Batchelor Pad



Mel Owens talks with Lamar Campbell of the “Life After the Game” show

If you missed Mel’s interview with Lamar Campbell of the “Life After the Game” podcast, here it is!

Life After the Game



NFL Retirees Question Limited Health Coverage

The California state senate will later this month consider a bill to limit workers’ compensation claims many former players file for medical costs.

Medical Daily

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PRESS RELEASE – AB 1309 To Be Challenged Constitutionally

NFL sponsored legislation in California to be challenged constitutionally.

Mel Owens, NBO Law

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Mel Owens talks to Vancouver’s TEAM 1040

Mel Owens speaks about NFL Worker’s Comp claims to Vancouver’s Barry Macdonald and Don Taylor on TEAM 1040 radio.

Team 1040



Mel talks to Huffington Post Live about prescription abuse in professional sports

The family of Derek Boogaard has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the NHL saying the league is responsible for the factors leading to his death. Former NFL player Reggie Williams has had 24 knee operations on his uninsured leg. Who should pay?

Huffington Post Live

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Who should bear the costs of retired NFL players’ medical bills?

Professional Sports Player’s injuries create costly long term health problems but the NFL doesn’t want to foot the bill. 

Washington Post

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Pro sports leagues aim to put workers’ comp out of play

The NFL and others claim retired pro athletes — many from out of state — are ripping off California’s workers’ comp system. The Legislature may be buying it. 

LA Times

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Athletes cash in on California workers’ comp

Over the last three decades, California’s workers’ compensation system has awarded millions of dollars in benefits for job-related injuries to thousands of professional athletes.

LA Times

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NFL players can file for CA workers’ comp thanks to loophole

Former NFL Players are flocking to California to file Worker’s Compensation claims for injuries sustained while playing professional Football.

ABC News

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The NFL’s secret drug problem (Nov 2012)

Pain pills are the only thing ­keeping many ­football players on the field week after week. What happens when their careers are over – but their addictions aren’t? 

Men's Journal

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