An Important Update on AB 1309

Just wanted to take a few minutes to write an update on AB 1309, the proposed bill to end all workers’ compensation for professional athletes in California.

Contrary to various information, the bill was not passed into law last week.  However, the Senate Labor Committee voted and passed an amended version of the bill.  The bill now goes to the Rules Committee for additional consideration.  The amended bill that passed the Senate did not contain the most egregious language that aimed to eliminate all existing cases.  The bill did, however, have a “drop dead” date for new filings.


It appears that the NFL’s attempt to wipe out all pending cases will not be part of the bill. We would like to thank all players for their efforts to change this aspect of the bill. Your phone calls and letters to the Assembly Members and Senators made a huge impact in altering the language of the bill.

A special thanks goes out to the players who traveled to the State Capital and met with the Assembly Members and Senators:  Reggie Williams, Steve Beuerlein, Craig Morton, Atnaf Harris, Stuart Gray, Ickey Woods, Adrian Ross, Courtney Griffin and Chris Pane.


The bill that passed the Senate contained language to cut off all new filings as of January 1, 2014.  This means if a player has not filed a claim in California for workers’ compensation by January 1, 2014, he will be forever barred.


The bill now goes to the Rules Committee for “tweaking,” but most likely will be presented to the Governor with these elements intact.


Please pass along this information to all players that you know so that they are aware of the bill’s status and the “drop dead” date for new filings. Our law office will be monitoring the bill’s progress as it moves to the Governor’s office and will keep you updated on any new developments.

Thank you again for your continued efforts to protect players’ benefits! Please feel free to contact our offices at 949-452-0700 if you have any questions.

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