“What is workers’ compensation?”

Workers’ compensation is an employer-funded program designed to provide coverage for an employee (or athlete, in this case) who suffered an injury or illness while on the job.  Typical benefits may include financial award for lost wages, medical care and a possible life pension. Professional teams, such as NFL teams, have insurance and their insurance carriers pay the actual claims.  California taxpayers do not bear the burden of paying the claims.

“How does workers’ compensation work?

Employers in the State of California are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees in case of injuries or illness that happen on the job. If an injury occurs, a claim is filed with the State of California and a claims administrator will guide you through the treatment process.

If I never played in California, can you help me?”

If you participated in an official game or practice within the borders of California, we can help you.

How much will it cost me to file a claim?

There is no cost to the player to file a workers’ compensation claim. We work under a contingency fee agreement and therefore there is no cost to you unless we are successful in obtaining recovery monies or benefits.

Can I file a claim in multiple states?

Yes. However, once a claim has been filed for a specific sports-related injury in another state and settled, the law states that you may not obtain a double recovery on the same body part.

Do you handle cases for any type of professional athlete?” 

Yes, we work with all levels of professional athletes.

How do I know if I qualify for benefits?”

If you have suffered some type of work-related injury or injuries, you are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

What is the timeframe for me to file my claim?

While the timeframe varies from state to state, in California the window is longer to file a claim. The statute of limitations in some states expires in as little as a year or two.

Can I get workers’ compensation benefits in every state? “

Yes. Every state has a state-mandated workman’s comp insurance program.