EXCLUSIVE: DEA Investigates Prescription Drug Abuse in NFL Locker Rooms

A probe into the use of painkillers, sleeping pills and other prescription drugs illegally provided by the NFL to 1,300 retirees is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration after attorneys’ for the retired players filed a lawsuit. This is the second major allegation in recent years following the investigation into the NFL for masking long-term dangers of concussions with players.

The probe is silently being conducted by the DEA and field agents in their New York division are requesting information from former players to find out how the doctors for the NFL got access to prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Toradol and Percodan. The focus of the investigation is hinged on finding the source of the narcotics and people responsible for approving the use of illegal prescription drugs without adequately informing players of risk of addiction and other associated health risks.

The suit was filed by STSW (Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, & White) and NBO Law (Namanny, Byrne & Owens) detailing the widespread distribution of prescription drugs including anti-inflammatories, sleeping pills and painkillers without providing former players with the health risks of mixing medications, long-term use and risk of addiction.

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