Ex-players and their lawyers have started sifting through hundreds of pages for clues about how the payouts and medical benefits of the $760 million NFL concussion settlement will be distributed and whether there will be enough money for the claims brought by some of the 18,000 retirees. Read More…

Quantum Institute, with 13 employees, has raised more than $1 million to develop portable brain-mapping technology known as Q-Map to determine whether an athlete needs further medical attention after a hit. Kelly Gee, CEO of Quantum Institute ,and Dan Nicholson, founder of Head Case Concussion Management System, are basing their new businesses around early concussion

As you know, the Governor has yet to sign AB 1309 (the proposed bill to end all workers’ compensation for athletes in California)  into law because the bill is still in committee. The good news is that the bill in its current form has removed the retroactive portion (the portion that would eliminate all cases).

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A federal judge ordered the NFL and former players to mediation to explore a settlement of concussion-related litigation, but might the public be better served by a trial? Read more…

Traumatic brain injuries — including sports concussions — are extremely dangerous, and can even cause sports-related deaths.  Learn how to recognize and avoid TBIs. Read more…

Judge Anita Brody is expected to rule July 22 on whether thousands of concussion-related lawsuits brought by former players against the NFL should proceed in open court or in private labor arbitration. Read more…

“Life After the Game” Podcast

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If you missed Mel’s interview with Lamar Campbell of the “Life After the Game” podcast, here it is!


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I am Mel Owens. I was a first round draft pick for the L.A. Rams back in 1981 and I played for them for 10 years. As a former NFL football player I know what it’s like to sustain injuries, keep playing, and not think about the effects those injuries might have on me later.