The NFL’s Motion To Dismiss hearing was held on 10/30/14. Judge Alsup questioned each side extensively regarding preemption of the lawsuit due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It maintains the Plaintiff’s position that the NFLPA does not represent retired players. Also, the allegations contained in the lawsuit are not covered or addressed by the

The dispute surrounding Adrian Peterson’s reinstatement—or lack thereof—after pleading no contest to child injury charges is heating up. Late last week, the NFL Players Association sent a letter to the NFL demanding that Peterson be reinstated. That tactic apparently failed, as the NFLPA announced that it had filed a grievance on Peterson’s behalf. Read more…

From the NFL to the Courtroom

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Luke Cyphers from OZY recently wrote this great story about Mel and gave an overview of the NFL Prescription Drug Lawsuit. Read more…

A quarter of schools don’t educate their athletes on the injury.  Policies guiding concussion treatment at scores of colleges across the country still run afoul of rules set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), according to a new study in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. Read more…

‘Like someone shooting a shotgun next to my ear, every second of every day’—that’s how the former NFL quarterback describes the effects of the concussions he suffered during his six seasons in the league. How do you face a challenge like that and move on? Read more…

A newly discovered neuroimaging technique allows researchers to identify brain disease caused by concussions. The technique uses a special energy-emitting compound that attaches to a protein found in the brain that results from excessive blows to the head. This compound is visible in a PET scan. This represents a key step forward in identifying concussion-related

The NFL says concussions dropped by 13 percent in 2013. It’s progress. What’s better is the 2013 season included independent neurologists on the sidelines and unaffiliated athletic trainers watching for injuries from the press box. Read more…

The NFL has toughened punishment guidelines for domestic violence. Players who commit future acts of domestic violence will be subject to a six-game suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban from the sport for a repeat offense. Read more…

The NFL got uglier this weekend, more unhinged. More retaliatory. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning sprinted downfield after a touchdown to scream in a Houston safety’s face. Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata kicked a Washington player and then loomed over him menacingly. Is this symptomatic of new ‘retaliation’ in NFL? Read more…

NHL Concussion Lawsuit Update

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On June 25, 2014, my partners from NBO Law and I attended the NHL Concussion conference in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Present were several dozen retired NHL players and representatives from the three law firms who have filed NHL Concussion Lawsuits.  As you are aware, our law firms Namanny, Byrne & Owens (NBO) and Silverman, Thompson,

A probe into the use of painkillers, sleeping pills and other prescription drugs illegally provided by the NFL to 1,300 retirees is being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration after attorneys’ for the retired players filed a lawsuit. This is the second major allegation in recent years following the investigation into the NFL for masking

Last week, Mel Owens appeared on The Brian Oxman Show. This radio interview discussed the recent NFL Prescription Drug lawsuit. During the interview Mel shares more about the lawsuit and the importance for past, present, and future players. If you would like, you can listen to the radio interview.

In the most recent development in the case against the NFL, the law firms of NBO Law and STSW have released an amended complaint that names an additional plaintiff and increases the number of total retained plaintiffs. Lake Forest: June 4, 2014 -Namanny, Byrne and Owens of Lake Forest, California (“NBO”) and The law firms of

NFL Drug Culture Exposed By Lawsuit

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The class action lawsuit filed against the NFL has shed light on the long-time culture of prescription drug and controlled substance misuse fostered by the league. In this piece by ESPN, Johnette Howard notes that many players became addicted to the drugs they were given during their playing days, only to turn to the streets

In a piece by Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, the recently filed case against the NFL is delved into. Players allege that team doctors attempted to mask injuries by administering a steady stream of pain killers, thereby causing long-term damage. Freeman sheds some light on the darker side of the NFL and takes a look at

Class Action Law Suit Filed Against NFL Alleges Prescription Drug Abuse The law firm of Namanny, Byrne, and Owens, in conjunction with Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, and White, has filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL. The lawsuit alleges the NFL supported an environment in which prescription drugs and controlled substances were illegally distributed by

Concussions Can Change Your Life

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At NBO Law, we speak with professional athletes almost every day. Concussions are a common topic and still carry a surprising level of confusion regarding the long term effects of multiple head trauma, despite the abundance of information being put out by the media. For example, did you know studies show that less than 10%

Three new studies have shown microscopic structural changes in the brain after a concussion including vascular changes, white matter changes and structural changes that exists even after a full recovery period. “It’s at least a little kind of warning … that if someone has a concussion, don’t send them back (to play) right away, give them

The Law Firm of Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White (STSW) in conjunction with Namanny, Byrne & Owens (NBO Law) have filed an Amended Class Action Complaint in the matter of Leeman, et al. v. National Hockey League, et al. (Civil Case No. 13-CV-1856-KBJ) in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Four

The Hockey News has named Mel Owens as a “Person of Power & Influence” in the 2014 edition of their annual list. Click on the image above to learn more about what Mel has been doing to strengthen his influence in the hockey world and procure a spot on the list.

Ex-players and their lawyers have started sifting through hundreds of pages for clues about how the payouts and medical benefits of the $760 million NFL concussion settlement will be distributed and whether there will be enough money for the claims brought by some of the 18,000 retirees. Read More…

Bears Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers is among 11 people who filed a federal lawsuit Monday against the NFL alleging the league was negligent in handling head injuries that have resulted in neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, records show. Read More…

The mother of former Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the team Tuesday after exhuming his body so that his brain could be examined for evidence of a degenerative condition linked to repeated concussions. Read More…

With the implementation of the targeting penalty in the NFL, defensive backs are resorting to lower hits to break up passing plays. The recent ACL and MCL tear sustained by Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski after Cleavland safety T.J. Ward drove his helmet into Gronk’s knee shows how the NFL has traded one evil for

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“I’m not trying to do any harm to the NFL,” Morton said. “But it’s time for someone to step forward. The league never dealt with the real issues. There are a lot of guys out there who are hurting.” Morton notes that the NFL motion to form a settlement places a delay on the entire legal

In a piece by Canadian publication The Province, author Ed Willes takes a look at the core credo by which many hockey players live, “the players owe the game everything; the game owes the players nothing.” Willes argues that it’s exactly this erroneous credo that has many public hockey figures speaking out against the complaint filed

Back in August the Canadian Medical Association held a discussion regarding the violence in hockey and came to a majority decision that the league is far too accepting of violence.

Kurt Walker, former Toronto Maple Leafs winger, discusses his hockey career and battle with the ongoing pain. Mel is also quoted in this article: “The NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA have worked in concert to end disability benefits for pro athletes in California and other states,” Owens said. “They don’t care about the players once they’re

Mel Owens, one of the attorneys involved in the class-action lawsuit against the NHL, was recently a guest on Hockey Central at Noon. After an interesting conversation with hosts Doug MacLean, Nick Kypreos and Darren Millard regarding the merits of the lawsuit, the hosts took to discussing the issue among themselves. What resulted were a number of telling quotes regarding the culture of the league during the time period in which the players involved in the lawsuit were active.

A class-action lawsuit filed by Mel Owens and NBO Law alleges that the NHL has failed adequately protect players from incurring debilitating head trauma. The complaint alleges that the NHL has consistently lagged in responding to current medical findings in regards to concussions. The suit includes 10 former NHL players, some of whom were league

Sports Illustrated looks at the class-action lawsuit facing the National Hockey League and analyzes some of the defenses they might use against the plaintiffs. They take a look at the possibility that the NHL will blame the Players Association and that they’ll state that the players knew the risk going into the league. Read More…

Concussion Lawsuit Filed Against the NHL

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Class Action Lawsuit Leveled Against NHL Alleging Negligent Behavior

In a cross-country collaboration, the Laguna Hills, California based law firm of Namanny, Byrne, and Owens is filing a class action lawsuit in conjunction with Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, and White of Baltimore, Maryland. The class action lawsuit, which is being leveled against the National Hockey League (“NHL”) on behalf of former players, alleges that the NHL has failed to effectively respond to the head injuries sustained by players. The lawsuit contends that the NHL has behaved negligently and fraudulently in regards to the player sustained head trauma over the past decades.

Brett Favre doesn’t have a son, so there won’t be anyone to carry on his legacy as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history.  But even if he did have a son, the youngster still wouldn’t be following in the footsteps of his future Hall of Fame father. Read more…

Ridley Scott, the award-winning and Oscar nominated director known for Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Blackhawk Down, wants his next project to be a drama focused on the effects of concussions in pro football. Scott wants to create a drama focusing on the debilitating effects that concussions are having on our sports heroes, and the role

Quantum Institute, with 13 employees, has raised more than $1 million to develop portable brain-mapping technology known as Q-Map to determine whether an athlete needs further medical attention after a hit. Kelly Gee, CEO of Quantum Institute ,and Dan Nicholson, founder of Head Case Concussion Management System, are basing their new businesses around early concussion

John Moffitt: NFL is ‘dirty business’

Friday, 15, November , 2013 by

Former Denver Broncos offensive guard John Moffitt blasted the NFL in a podcast.  Moffitt, 27, recounts when he suffered a knee injury in 2011 and needed to hire a lawyer for assistance. “You’re not appropriately taken care of with major injuries,” Moffitt said. “And stuff like that because they don’t want to affect [their]

There really is no perfect helmet for preventing concussions.  Researchers found no differences in concussion risk among high school football players using different brands and ages of helmets. Researchers also found that custom mouth guards do not reduce the risk of concussions. Read more…

The Sports Editor the LA Times writes the NFL is a despicable league and should be done away with. Read more…

Scientists have found “profound abnormalities” in scans of brain activity in a group of retired American football players, adding to evidence indicating that repeated blows to the head can trigger longer-term aggression and dementia. Read more…

In another step toward lifting restrictions on its citizens abroad, Cuba announced Friday that its athletes could sign contracts with foreign professional sports leagues, raising the prospect of a flood of new talent around the world but possibly not much in the United States. Read more…

The NFL concussions settlement has put fans who watch pro football on a moral hot seat. Former players have taken the settlement money, leaving the fans three ways to rationalize their addictive zeal for these weekly spectacles: ■ You love the product and don’t really care about its costs. ■ You are troubled by football but

It’s wrong to say that the football world only came to realize that concussions were dangerous to football players within the past 10 years. Vast improvements have been made in the diagnosis and certain dots have been connected. But anyone trying to claim that we didn’t know that concussions were serious just didn’t care enough

Despite a new emphasis on safety and concussion prevention, league guidelines continue to foster an environment where a single player can still suffer four concussions in as many months.  In all, 2012 saw a total of 160 players placed on a team injury report for either a head injury or a concussion during the regular season,

The NFL is now talking about concussions….in major league baseball?  Read more…

In my last post about AB 1309 about 3 weeks ago, the filing deadline was Jan 1, 2014.  However, that has changed and I wanted to follow-up on this crucial issue. As you know the Governor has yet to sign the bill into law, because the bill is still in committee.  The bill in its

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The NFL has reached a $765 million settlement, which if approved by a judge, will end months of mediation and a concussion lawsuit.  Following this agreement, NHL spokesman Frank Brown told the Globe and Mail that the league had no comment. Still, the question of whether or not we could see a similar class-action lawsuit

The NFL has agreed to settle the concussion lawsuit for $765 million. Too little too late. The case is worth much more. Read more…

I am choosing to “opt out” of the proposed settlement in the Fred Dryer v. NFL Films lawsuit.  By opting out I will preserve my rights against the NFL and their NFL Film division.  If you choose to opt out of the proposed settlement your letter must be postmarked by August 30, 2013. Here’s why

Concussions Will Change Catching in MLB

Friday, 23, August , 2013 by

The majority of the focus on concussions in sports has been in football.  There wasn’t even a conversation started about concussions in baseball until 2006; now, however, that appears to be changing.  When PEDs get to the backburner, will the next big crisis in baseball be about catcher’s concussions? Read more…

Pressure from the National Football League led to ESPN’s decision on Thursday to pull out of an investigative project with “Frontline” regarding head injuries in the N.F.L., according to two people with direct knowledge of the situation. Read more…

As you know, the Governor has yet to sign AB 1309 (the proposed bill to end all workers’ compensation for athletes in California)  into law because the bill is still in committee. The good news is that the bill in its current form has removed the retroactive portion (the portion that would eliminate all cases).

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Major League Baseball decided Thursday to implement instant replay on virtually every play but the strikezone – including three manager’s challenges per game – that will begin in 2014, Commissioner Bud Selig announced. Read more…

Dozens of former NFL players will be administered human growth hormone as the NFL and its players union try to determine the impact of use on players’ HGH levels, three people with knowledge of the plan told USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday. Read more…

In my last post, back in July 16, I gave you the updated status of AB 1309, the proposed bill to end all workers’ compensation for professional athletes in California.  Today I wanted to expand a little more on the critical “window of opportunity” we have that will close as of January 1, 2014. Though

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Monday appears to be the deadline for Alex Rodriguez and 13 others to accept suspensions for their ties to the Biogenesis of America anti-aging clinic.  Read more…

A new documentary titled ‘The United States of Football’ takes a powerful look at the sport’s vulnerability when it comes to brain injuries.  Read more…

Jerry Jones says the prospect of an NFL team in Los Angeles is “closer than ever.” Read more…  

Adrian Arrington, an Eastern Illinois football player  — along with former Central Arkansas football player Derek Owens, former Ouichita Baptist University soccer player Angela Palacios and former Maine hockey player Kyle Solomon — are named plaintiffs in a concussion lawsuit against the NCAA. Alleging that the NCAA failed its duty to protect athletes, the lawsuit

An Important Update on AB 1309

Tuesday, 16, July , 2013 by

Just wanted to take a few minutes to write an update on AB 1309, the proposed bill to end all workers’ compensation for professional athletes in California. Contrary to various information, the bill was not passed into law last week.  However, the Senate Labor Committee voted and passed an amended version of the bill.  The

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A federal arbitrator ruled this week that the Cincinnati Bengals should not have cleared former tight end Ben Utecht to play after he suffered a concussion during a 2009 practice, and that the team had to pay Utecht the remainder of the salary he was owed when the franchise cut him. Read more…

A federal judge ordered the NFL and former players to mediation to explore a settlement of concussion-related litigation, but might the public be better served by a trial? Read more…

Can Neck Strength Prevent Concussions?

Wednesday, 03, July , 2013 by

While not as publicized as other NFL anti-concussion measures, there is scientific research that shows a muscular neck likely defuses the potentially damaging forces sometimes generated when a player is hit in the head. Read More…

Sports Illustrated reports the grim statistics — 78 percent of NFL players face bankruptcy or serious financial stress within just two years of leaving the game and 60 percent of NBA players face the same dire results in five years.  While the statistics are not in dispute, the reasons why so many athletes face financial

New wearable sensors could potentially save athletes’ lives by gauging the impact of a bump, blow or jolt to the head. Read more…

Damage from concussions and the progressive deterioration of neurons in Alzheimer’s look similar on brain scans, according to the latest study, and produce similar symptoms as well. Read more…

Traumatic brain injuries — including sports concussions — are extremely dangerous, and can even cause sports-related deaths.  Learn how to recognize and avoid TBIs. Read more…

Judge Anita Brody is expected to rule July 22 on whether thousands of concussion-related lawsuits brought by former players against the NFL should proceed in open court or in private labor arbitration. Read more…

“Life After the Game” Podcast

Monday, 03, June , 2013 by

If you missed Mel’s interview with Lamar Campbell of the “Life After the Game” podcast, here it is!

“Politics is like football,” President John F. Kennedy once said and the passage of AB 1309 by the California State Assembly makes the proverbial political football real – too real in fact for many NFL players. AB 1309 if adopted could lead to some absurd results and will bar many NFL players who have played, practiced

Forbes reports on concussions in the NFL, specifically three issues that the NFL still has:

Former NFL player Ickey Woods writes very eloquently about why California’s AB 1309 isn’t fair.

Recently, the L.A. Times ran an Editorial supporting AB 1309, however it didn’t tell the full story. We (my partners and I) sent them what I am posting on my blog below, but they refused to publish our viewpoint.  We’re setting the facts straight about AB 1309, and giving you the full story.  Please help

The Washington Post’s online survey of more than 500 retired players paints a rare portrait of the toll a career in the NFL has on the long-term health of those who competed in the bruising game. The results also present a striking paradox: Nine in 10 said they’re happy they played the sport. But fewer

In almost all cases, players suffer some type of work related injury or injuries. Therefore, players are eligible to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. However, the laws vary from state to state regarding the time frame in which the player must file their workers’ comp claim. The State of California has their own unique set

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Dementia is now being linked to concussions and head injuries.  Ex-NFL players are suffering from dementia and dying of brain disease.   Dementia is one of the most costly diseases to American society, and the NFL is trying to pass these costs on to the U.S. taxpayers by supporting legislation such as AB-1309.

Crowded courtroom for NFL Lawsuit

Friday, 12, April , 2013 by

Former pro-football players are getting closer to going to court against the NFL, after almost a year and a half after the lawsuit was filed.  Even so, it could be months before a federal judge will decide whether the ex-NFL players’ lawsuit over concussion-related brain injuries can move forward. In the meantime, thousands of players


Friday, 12, April , 2013 by

I am Mel Owens. I was a first round draft pick for the L.A. Rams back in 1981 and I played for them for 10 years. As a former NFL football player I know what it’s like to sustain injuries, keep playing, and not think about the effects those injuries might have on me later.

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