AB 1309 Has Been Amended: New Filing Deadline is September 15, 2013

In my last post about AB 1309 about 3 weeks ago, the filing deadline was Jan 1, 2014.  However, that has changed and I wanted to follow-up on this crucial issue.

As you know the Governor has yet to sign the bill into law, because the bill is still in committee.  The bill in its current form has removed the retroactive portion (the portion that would eliminate all cases).

AB 1309 was recently amended; the bill will eliminate any new filings after September 15, 2013.

It is our opinion that the bill does not require the NFL to give notice to all players who this new bill would impact.  In other words, if a player is eligible to file, the NFL should be required to give that person notice of his rights to file before the new bill is passed.  This notice requirement, in our opinion is necessary to satisfy a players Due Process rights.

Therefore, players who are in need of medical help should take this opportunity to file their claim before September 15, 2013, because if a claim is not filed before September 15 , 2013, the player will forever barred.


This leaves approximately 8 days to file a claim for benefits.  It is critically important for those players who have been injured and would like to file a workers’ compensation claim, to do so before September 15, 2013.


Please forward this email to ALL PLAYERS that you know so they are aware of the pending bill and their rights, because the bill does not require the NFL to satisfy their Due Process and notify the players that their rights could be substantially affected.


The bill will most likely go to the Governor for signing after some “adjustments,” but it will contain language that ends all workers’ compensation benefits for player in almost all instances after September 15, 2013.  We will continue to monitor the bills progress and keep you updated.

Thank you again for your continued efforts and support to protect players benefits.  Please feel free to contact our offices at 949-452-0700 if you have any questions.  You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

(Photo courtesy of Stop AB1309)

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